What is Panda Pal?
Panda Pal is a system for assisting the verbally-impaired with communication. Fundamentally, it allows you to add icons with you own images and recorded audio, construct sentences out of these icons, and play back these sentences. A host of other features surrounding these icons are also provided, such as forming Schedules, "First & Then" constructs, and saving and loading data for future retrieval. Panda Pal is as customizable as you would like to make it!

What is Touch-And-Hold?
Panda Pal includes an innovative Touch-And-Hold feature that is aimed at preventing small hands from unintentionally tapping the wrong icon. When this feature is turned on, it requires that you touch and hold the intended icon or button for a second, as displayed by a progress meter, before activation occurs. To enable this feature, go to Settings > General and turn on the features for which you would like to use Touch-And-Hold.

How do I construct sentences?
The app comes preloaded with an assortment of concept icons, images, and audio. In order to form sentences, all you need to do is tap (or tap-and-hold) the icon you want to add to the sentence, and it is placed in the Sentence Bar ar the bottom of screen. To delete icons added to the sentence, just tap the Back arrow in the lower-right.

How do I play a sentence?
To play the icons shown in the Sentence Bar, simply tap the sentence. To stop playback, tap again.

How do I save and load sentences?
Use the Star button in the Sentence Bar to save the current sentence to your library. In order to load a previously saved sentence, tap the Folder icon in the Sentence Bar. This will display a list of all sentences in reverse chronological order from when you saved them. Tap the sentence you want to load, and it will be added to the Sentence Bar for playback. This is a great way to record and share progress made by each individual.

How do I change an existing photo or voice recording?
Go to Settings, tap Add/Edit Icons, then tap on the category that contains the icon that you want to modify. This will bring up a page containing all icons in that category. Tap on the edit (pencil symbol) to the right side of the icon. This will bring you to the "edit icon" page. Then simply delete audio and record a new audio clip and/or delete the photo and take a new photo or choose from the library.

What is the Basics menu?
The Basics menu allows you to quickly get at icons that you use frequently. This menu is accessible from the colored icon in the upper-left of the app, and comes pre-loaded with some common terms such as numbers, shapes, letters and colors.

How do I configure the Basics menu?
You can add and remove categories in the Basics menu just like editing any other category (see below). Some differences are that the Basics menu will only display categories containing icons (not sub-categories), and does not display individual icons on the root level.

How do I use the Schedule?
The Schedule allows you to create an ordered sequence of concepts, such as the events that will occur during the day, then play them back. You can add any icon or category as an item in the Schedule. To add an item, tap the plus button. To delete or rearrange items, tap the edit button in the upper right. You can save and load schedules just like sentences by using the star and folder buttons in the toolbar.

How do I use First & Then?
The First & Then feature is like a mini-schedule with two items. It allows you to clearly communicate that one event must come before another (e.g. Lunch before Play Time). Use the Choose buttons to define the items in the First & Then pair. You can save and load these pairs just like sentences by using the star and folder buttons in the toolbar.

How do I change the appearance of icons?
You can change the font, font color, font size, outline color, and outline size of icons, as well as the size of the icon itself. To do this configuration, go to Settings > General

How do I add an icon?
In Settings, tap Add/Edit Icons, then tap New > New Icon. This will bring up the New Icon form. At minimum an icon must have text (which can be between 1 and 1024 characters), and belong to one or more categories. Audio and an image are optional. When you are done configuring the new icon, tap Save.

How do I add a category?
In Settings, tap Add/Edit Icons, then tap New > New Category. This will bring up the New Category form. Categories are edited similar to icons, except they can only be contained within one parent category instead of an arbitrary number of them (just like folders on you computer's file system).

How do I edit icons and categories?
To edit either an icon or a category, navigate to the item in Settings > Add/Edit Icons, then tap the pencil icon to the far right next to the item. Be sure to tap Save when you are done to save your changes.

How do I delete icons or categories?
To edit either an icon or a category, navigate to the item in Settings > Add/Edit Icons, then select the item(s) you want to delete by tapping the selection box to the left of the item. Then tap Delete. A confirmation will be given before you delete the item. You cannot recover icons or categories once they are deleted.

What is the difference between an icon and a category?
There is very little difference, aside from the fact that icons can be added to multiple categories, whereas categories can "live" under only one other category (similar to folders on you computer's file system). In the Home screen, categories are displayed with a little arrow to indicate that they contain other icons.

How do I set up a password?
Panda Pal allows you to use a password to access some features, such as Settings, Schedule, and First & Then. To set up a password, go to Settings > General, then tap Set Password. Be sure to remember the password once you set it!

How do I change the Home page icon?
You can add a custom image to represent "Home" in the app, such as your child's picture. To do so, go to General > Settings and tap Home Image.How can I get more help?

For more help, please contact Kim Scott, M.S., CCC-SLP at info@pandapal.com.

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